Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The marriage of effective communication and strong leadership

The best leaders know that they need to do everything to help their teams hit their targets and goals. They motivate team members through any means necessary. It is for this reason that effective communication plays a central role in any form of leadership, especially strong leadership.
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To keep the team going, leaders have to motivate their team members. They can’t be if their relationship with their leaders is strained. The bond between teams and their leaders should be positive and fresh, and should foster mutual respect and understanding. Communication facilitates all this. So many teams have failed because relationships have gone sour and entire teams have quit simply because the lines of communication were limited and flawed.

Communication also allows for the exchange of ideas, which are designed to introduce improvements to the team’s inner workings, and which the leader might not have conceived yet. If members are permitted and encouraged to voice their thoughts, the team can benefit from a fertile flux of ideas. And as leaders, they should be all about the team and how they can forge ahead to accomplish the tasks at hand.

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Effective communication ensures everyone has a voice, and strong leadership means this voice is filtered the right way and given audience at the right time and heard and respected by everyone. And it’s up to leaders and managers to free up internal communication within an organization from obstructions. When employees feel that they’re being heard and that they have a voice, they’re more motivated to do good for a company and for its leaders.

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